Frequently Asked Questions

We have included the answers to our most frequently asked questions in the section below.

What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is the process of locating a subject whose contact information is not immediately known. We use a cutting-edge proprietary technology and a massive data repository to give you the highest probability of establishing contact with your targeted prospects.

What information do you include with your service?

When available, SkipMatrix will provide up to 5 phone numbers, 5 email addresses, and a validated mailing address for your subjects, up to 5 of their relatives and up to 5 of their associates!

Please keep in mind, the first 2 or 3 phone numbers and emails are always the most accurate, which is why we recommend that you work on those before moving on to the others. The others are included with your results as another possible resource, but they are less likely to be accurate. We include a “Last Seen Date” for all phone numbers and email addresses to help you gauge the accuracy.

How is your data better than what I get from other skip tracing providers?

We give you up to 81 total points of contact for every matched record! With our innovative "multi-step" skip tracing technology, we are able to provide you with exceptionally accurate data, the highest possible hit rates and a comprehensive view of your prospects, which can significantly increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

To learn more about why our service is superior to other skip tracing providers, click here.

How does your "multi-step" skip tracing work?

Our proprietary “multi-step” skip tracing is simply defined by the process of passing your data through several different databases, multiple times, through the three main components of the SkipMatrix™ system: People Tracer™, Property Tracer™, and Address Tracer™.

Here’s an example of what this process looks like:

1. You upload a file with 1,000 records to skip trace.

2. We process those 1,000 records through People Tracer™, which skip traces individual property owners using their first name, last name, and mailing address. This process returns 920 hits (or a 92% hit rate).

3. Next, we process the remaining 80 records through Property Tracer™, which uses the property address to update the record with comprehensive property attributes and the most current and properly formatted name and mailing address of the owner.

4. We use the updated information from the 80 records and reprocess those records through People Tracer™ for a second time, which returns an additional 50 hits, bringing the total hits to 970 (or a 97% hit rate).

5. Finally, we process the remaining 30 records (e.g. LLCs, Trusts, etc) through Address Tracer™, which uses the mailing address to skip trace entities and find the top 5 possible contacts that could be associated with the entity. This process returns 25 additional hits, bringing the total hits to 995 (or a 99.5% hit rate).

6. You fall in love with SkipMatrix and thank us for the healthy increase in leads. *wink*

What is "People Tracer"?

People Tracer™ is our primary skip tracing tool that can provide up to 81 different points of contact for each lead that is found within our system. People Tracer™ uses a property owner’s first name, last name, and mailing address information to locate them and give you their most accurate contact information.

If you do not have the owner's first name, last name, and mailing address available for any of your records, you will need to use Property Tracer™ to get that information before they can be accurately skip traced.

What is "Property Tracer"?

Do you have a list of property addresses or parcel numbers, but no other information to skip trace the owners, like their names and mailing addresses? This is where Property Tracer™ comes to save the day!

Using only the property address or parcel number, Property Tracer™ can find a comprehensive list of information on the property, including the names and mailing addresses of the owners. Property Tracer™ is also used in our multi-pass skip tracing system to update wrong or missing information and get you more hits with more reliable data.

What is "Address Tracer"?

With People Tracer™ and Property Tracer™, we’ve already given you the best chance of skip tracing individual people, but what about entity owners, like LLCs and trusts? These types of records usually lead to dead ends with other skip tracing services.

Address Tracer™ uses the mailing address that belongs to the property owner and finds the most likely person that is associated with that mailing address. Please keep in mind that skip tracing without a known first and last name may not always produce the owner of the property, but if not, this person will always be closely connected to the owner (e.g. tenant, relative, etc).

How reliable is your data?

Our innovative skip tracing system has consistently proven to be far superior to our competition and it is capable of delivering up to a 100% match rate through its unique approach to skip tracing!

We also include a “Last Seen Date” with every phone number, email address, and mailing address that is attached to an individual, so you know exactly which data points are the most reliable and accurate.

Can I get a refund for my order?

We are only able to offer refunds for any records that our system is not able to find results for and all orders are final after your payment has been submitted. Please, be sure to format your list properly before submitting your order to us to guarantee the best results.

If you are dissatisfied with our service, for any reason, please send us an email and we will do our best to make it right!

How should I format my list to get the best match rate?

Click here to download a template with the proper formatting that will give you the highest match rate. Simply copy and paste your list data into the relevant columns in the template and make sure that you save your file in CSV format before you send it to us.

How do I get the lowest price rate for your services?

The pricing for our skip tracing starts at only $0.15 per match for lists with 100 records or more and our lowest price rate is currently offered for larger lists with over 100,000 matches.

You can use our Pricing Calculator to determine your estimated cost.

Do you charge me for each record searched or only for the successful matches?

Unlike many other skip tracing services, you will only pay for successful matches when using SkipMatrix. Why should your budget go to something that gives you nothing in return?

We believe that you should get what you pay for and we've made sure that you are getting the best possible value for every dollar that you invest into our service!

Can you skip trace businesses or trusts?

Absolutely! SkipMatrix was designed to give you the best chance of contacting the owner of a business or legal entity by providing you with the person who is most recently associated with the entity's mailing address.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

You must upload at least 100 records to use our Bulk Search skip tracing system, but there is no minimum number of records that you are required to skip trace with our Single Search process within our web-based SkipMatrix software. Just keep in mind, our best pricing is reserved for Bulk Search orders.

How long will it take to process an order?

If you are not using our SkipMatrix web-based software — which provides instant order processing — all orders will be processed and delivered within one business day after receiving your payment for the order.

When is customer support available for assistance?

Our live customer support is available for phone, email, and chat support during our regular office hours on weekdays between 10 AM and 6 PM (EDT).